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A very convenient and portable dry herb baking vaporizer.IMAG 3 follows the pen style of 3 in 1 dry herb vaporizer Imag plus.It is made to achieve stable heating and precise temperature adjustment,which may meet your requirements on herb vaporizing.

When you stay with IMAG 3, you will experience great fun.
A Patent product by Relaxo Technology.

Portable Design

Imag portable design
We upgraded Imag plus to Imag 3,and followed its pen style.Imag 3 possess  all the advantages that Imag plus has,which makes it much more portable and handy.What’s more,you could load your herbs at home,that is, no necessary to load herb outside and no need to worry drawing others’ attention.
It’s very convenient for those who enjoy travelling, driving and always on the go.

OLED Screen

Imag dry herb, wax, e-liquid 3-in-1 function

Imag 3 is equiped with an OLED screen.The screen displays the battery capacity,preset temperature and the temperature during the heating process.These parameters will help you accurately control the temperature as you wish.Everything is under your control.

3 Buttons to Control Temp to Suit Your Preferrence

imag baking design

Imag 3 has three physical buttons on it near the OLED screen.They are ‘+’,‘-’and power button.It matches OLED screen to achieve precise temperature adjustment.

CF Enclosure-Elegant Appearance

imag power light

The shell of Imag 3 is made of Carbon fiber.Carbon fiber has possessed many properties:such as high stiffness,high tensile strength,low strength,low weight,high chemical resistance,high temperature tolerance.The rusult of that,Imag 3 won’t be too hot to handdle.Besides CF Enclosure is a gorgeous.

  • Size 167*21mm
  • Color CF black 
  • Battery capacity 2000mAh
  • Battery life 300 times
  • Weight0.4kg per set
  • Output voltage3.4+/- 0.1 V
  • Resistance1.0-1.2ohm

Convection & Conduction

Condution is the transfer of the heat between two objects in derect contact,while convection is the transfer of heat via air particles instead.According to this,Imag 3 has two models:conduction model(without iBullet,when load herb into ceramic chamber derectly);convection model(Using iBullet ).That‘s a small step for dry herb vaporizer, but a giant leap for Relaxotech.

iBullet-Preload Your Herbs at Home

iBullet is made of stainless steel,and has airhole on it.iBullet is used to preload dry herbs at home,then there is no need to load herbs outside where people is everywhere which will satisfy stealthy requirement.

Package Contents

1pc*IMAG 3 Vaporizer


1pc*Cleaning Brush

1pc*Packing  Tool

1pc*USB Charging Cable

1pc*Spare Mouthpiece

1pc*iBullet Tube


1pc*User Manual

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