Imag Junior smallest full metal portable dry herb vaporizer
Imag Junior vaporizer is the world’s smallest portable dry herb vaporizer with fashionable and elegant full metal design. Imag Junior vaporizer is the most stealthy vaporizer, easy and discreet to use wherever you go! Simply fill your device’s heating chamber with herbs, press down on the power button, and a short inhale is all you need to start enjoying your Imag Junior vaporizer.

World’s Smallest Portable Vaporizer

Imag Junior Smallest Portable Vaporizer
As one of the world’s smallest portable vaporizers, Imag Junior works in all conditions including a windy day on your boat, a rainy afternoon at the park, on top of a mountain, or just sitting on your couch!
Convenient for those who enjoy travelling, driving and always on the go.

Eye-catching Full Metal Body

Imag Junior Full Metal Vaporizer
Imag Junior vaporizer comes with an elegant Full metal housing.
It’s a completely eye-catching fashionable product.

USB Charger Integrated on the Back

imag junior full metal smallest vaporizer with charger on the back
USB charger integrated on the back of Imag Junior smallest full metal vaporizer.
Wherever you go, charge the vaporizer easily through a laptop, iPad or any power supplies with USB interfaces.
  • Size85*40*10.5mm
  • Coloryellow / grey
  • Battery capacity 350mAh
  • Battery life 300 times
  • Weight104g
  • Output voltage3.4+/- 0.1 V
  • Resistance1.1—1.5Ω
  • Hiiipower

    Does this vaporize in a similar manner to the imag plus or is this a combustion vaporizer?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, this is a combustion vaporizer.

      • ABCDEFG

        Hello Raymond,

        So you know the right name would be combustion electric pipe, e-pipe, or combustion epipe. Electric pipe implies that combustion is taking place. Vaporizer means it does not get hot enough for combustion to take place. Just some friendly advice.

        I am enjoying the carbon fiber beta IMAG+! Love the new airpath.

        • raymond relaxocig

          Hi, thanks you for your advice. I’m glad you like our IMAG PLUS Ceramic.

  • Julien Bertheas

    Hi, I just buy a Imag Junior in a shop in Paris. I open the box and charge for 2 hours. It seems that the heater is not getting red when I press the button. Do I need to charge the Imag for a longer time? What is the required power of the usb interface? Thx

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, Julien, “The LED light will flash 3 times and keep red while charging. The LED light will turn off when the battery is full.” Make sure you hold the button and don’t release the button before the heater getting red. The USB interface is standard.

  • Theloneous Honk

    combustion vapourizer is an oxymoron.

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