IMAG PEN package
The IMAG PEN offers the convenience of a vaporizer with vape pen form factor combined with precise temperature control for the efficient vaporization of dry herbs. With its slim body and lightweight, it’s convenient for those who enjoy travelling, driving and always on the go.

Just fill, press the power button, inhale and enjoy!
A Patent product by Relaxo Technology.

Portable Design

IMAG PEN portable design with screw-on mouthpiece
With screw-on mouthpiece,  you can carry the vape pen with dry herbs loaded wherever you go. Slim body, lightweight, Convenient for those who enjoy travelling, driving and always on the go.

Temperature Control

IMAG PEN temperature control
The vape pen is featured with precise temperature control.

To activate the heating process, press the Power Button for 3 times continuously and the power indication light will turn red.
Inhale slowly when the light turns green at 200 C / 392 F.
The heating process will end automatically after heating for 240s and the indicator light will turn off.

USB Charging

IMAG PEN USB charging
Micro USB charging interface integrated on the bottom of IMAG PEN dry herb vaporizer. Wherever you go, charge the vaporizer easily through a laptop, iPad or any power supplies with USB interfaces.
  • Size 135*16.5mm
  • Color black 
  • Battery capacity 1300mAh
  • Battery life 300 times
  • Weight 0.4kg per set
  • Output voltage3.4+/- 0.1 V
  • Resistance1.4-1.6ohm
  • alastor-rex

    The Imag Pen is a great vaporizer that produces thick and flavorfull vapor, with a great design in carbon fibre, this is the more portable vaporizer and the best you can have for this price.
    I has a small chamber designed for use with a small amount of dry herbs, and it heats very fast.
    I am very pleased with this vaporizer and customer service was ver fine. I recommend it.