2014 best vape pen IMAG Plus

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Apart from the same dry herb/wax/e-liquid 3-in-1 function as IMAG vaporizer, this upgraded herbal vaporizer gives you the option to vaporize your dry herbs at one of three temperatures. We recommend using a different temperature depending on your preference for the strength of the vapor.
Another upgraded feature is the introduction of Micro USB Interface to allow for easy charging.
The design of heating chamber is the same as IMAG vaporizer: Rustless iron material prevents metal odor; PI electrothermal film brings even heating and pure flavor for tobacco/dry herb.

“Definite discernible differences between the 3 heat settings. …… It’s honestly every bit as good or better in most cases than every other portable I’ve ever used.” – FuckCombustion Forum User Review for IMAG Plus herbal vaporizer

Most Portable and Stealthy Vaporizer

pocket vaporizer pen IMAG Plus
Works in all conditions including a windy day on your boat, a rainy afternoon at the park, on top of a mountain, or just sitting on your couch!
A portable vaporizer suitable for those who enjoy travelling, driving and always on the go.
The ecig-look makes IMAG Plus herbal vaporizer much more stealthy than normal portable herbal vaporizers.

3 Temperature Settings

IMAG plus vaporizer with 3 temperature settings
This top herbal vaporizer gives you the option to vaporize your dry herbs at one of three temperatures: 374F, 410F,and 446F (indicator light displayed as blue, green and red respectively) Press power button for 3 times, then the indicator light will turn on and flash blue. For each temperature setting, the indicator light will flash while heating up and turn solid when the selected temperature is reached.
Press and hold power button for 3 seconds to cycle through the temperature settings in such a sequence: 374F(blue), 410F(green), 446F(red), 374F(blue) ……

Truly Baking, No Combustion

IMAG Plus is a truly baking no combustion vape pen
IMAG Plus herbal vaporizer is a true conduction vape pen with unique baking design, no combustion at all.
The heating chamber is made of rustless iron, hence there is no metal odor whatsoever.
The heating chamber is covered with PI electrothermal film, so the heating is more even and the tobacco/dry herb flavor is more pure compared with normal combustion type herbal vaporizer.

Micro USB Charging Interface

IMAG Plus Vaporizer supports USB charging
Micro USB charging interface integrated on the bottom of IMAG plus dry herb vaporizer. Wherever you go, charge the vaporizer easily through a laptop, iPad or any power supplies with USB interfaces.
  • Size 171*21mm
  • Colorblack / red / silver / blue / wood texture
  • Battery capacity 2200mAh
  • Battery life 300 times
  • Weight0.1kg per set
  • Output voltage3.4+/- 0.1 V
  • Resistance1.0-1.2ohm
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  • kyle

    how can i order an imag plus right now

    • imag vaporizer

      Hi, Kyle, Currently there is a problem with our EBAY shop. We’re working on it but it will take some time. Can you just wait a few more days? By the end of this month, you can also buy IMAG PLUS vaporizer from USA reseller – W9 tech. If you get a coupon, the price will be quite satisfactory.

  • Debra Park

    Hi do you have a vaporizer pen that I could use both e-liquid AND dry herb in at the same time? I am looking for a dual chamber unit, that connects the dry herb chamber to an e-liquid atomizer. I want to enjoy e-liquid flavor with my dry herbs! Thank you!

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, Debra, You can check out our new product – IMAG 2. It can vaporize dry herb without combustion. It can connect to an e-liquid atomizer through 510 thread. This new product will be ready by late Nov or early Dec.

      • Debra Park

        Thank you Raymond! Can it connect to the e-liquid atomizer with the dry herb chamber attached or do you have to remove the dry herb chamber to use the e-liquid atomizer?

        • raymond relaxocig

          It can connect to the e-liquid atomizer with the dry herb chamber attached. However, it’s impossible for you to enjoy e-liquid flavor with your dry herbs at the same time. Each time you can only enjoy either dry herb or e-liquid.

        • Dusty Murphy

          I’ve found adding my e-liquid to my herb in a small dish overnight is enough to flavor it. (I leave it overnight to steep and use a paper towel in the morning to take up the liquid. You don’t want to soak it, just enough to add some flavor.)

          You might also look into Tasty Puff, I quite like it and highly recommend it. The flavors are all very good. It’s my preferred method. The mint, coconut, vanilla, and “Jungle Juice” are especially recommended.

          • Debra Park

            Thank you Dusty Murphy! I will give your method a try! I will also check out the Tasty Puff brand! I am always looking for some good juices! Some definitely do not taste like they are labeled!

  • Babak

    My IMAG Plus has started to overheat the herb after about one month of use. Even on the lowest temperature settings (blue), it over heat the herb and it kind of starts to burn it (the herb becomes completely black!) would you let me know how i can fix this?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, Babak, can you send the unit back so we can analyze the cause of the problem? You can send an email to mkt@relaxocig.com so we can communicate about the detailed arrangement. thanks.

      • Babak

        Thank you for following up on this. Just sent you an email. I hope I can have my imag plus working again as I was really enjoying it.

  • dave

    Maybe this is a stupid question but does the Imag Plus vape regular e liquids in addition to essential oils? Like traditional liquids containing nicotine?

    • raymond relaxocig

      We don’t recommend vaping e-liquid with IMAG PLUS V1 (vaping e-liquids is possible through heating cup). IMAG PLUS Ceramic doesn’t support vaping e-liquids at all. IMAG 2 is our new product, the first dry herb vaporizer to support 510 threading to connect with cartomizers for wax/oil/e-liquid. So you can wait for a few more weeks to get a IMAG 2 directly from our website.

      • Mark Andrews

        Hi Raymond

        Just wondering will the IMAG 2 have the ceramic chamber and mouthpiece also?


        • raymond relaxocig

          Both the heating chamber and mouthpiece of IMAG 2 is made of ceramic while the heating chamber of IMAG PLUS is made of ceramic and the mouthpiece of IMAG PLUS is made of plastic. We will probably release new ceramic or glass mp for IMAG PLUS in the future.

  • Brian

    When will the new version with the ceramic mouthpiece be available for purchase?
    Thank you!

  • John

    Hi, does the new IMAG Plus Ceramic Herbal include the wax/e-liquid heating cup as the older model does? Is it automatically include? If it is not, where can I get one?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, John, The IMAG PLUS Ceramic doesn’t include wax/e-liquid heating cup. You can ask the seller of the old version IMAG PLUS if they will sell this accessory.

  • Dusty Murphy

    My mouth piece seems to fill up with “dust” and it’s VERY difficult to take a strong hit with it. Is this something wrong on my part or did I get an off mouthpiece?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, can you try to clean the mouthpiece according to the instructions in the user manual? if this is a new mouthpiece and you find it is filled up with dust, you can try to contact your seller and ask for a replacement mouthpiece.

      • Dusty Murphy

        I tried cleaning it, yes. I have to clean it a couple of times a day some days. I thought maybe I was grinding my herbs too finely and got a different grinder and even just added it by hand so I knew it wasn’t small. Same result. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if I’m expecting a stronger and deeper hit than it gives. This has happened with every bowl I smoke since the very first one. I love my vaporizer and love using it in the car but it’s been a real pain as far as the fine pieces of herbs getting into the mouth piece. I may need a screen over my herb or something.

        • Xavier Puddin

          Are you packing the herb down enough so that it stays in place when you tilt the vape? You’re not filling the chamber completely are you?

  • Rick Stransky

    the specifications say about the battery “300 times.” Does that mean it will recharge itself 300 times. Also, after initial charge of 6 hours, should i use it until the battery totally wears out prior to plugging it back in the recharge? And should i only recharge it for 3 hours, and not let it sit and charge continually.

    • raymond relaxocig

      DOD, short for the Depth of Discharge, is used to describe how deeply the battery is discharged. If we say a battery is 100% fully charged, it means the DOD of this battery is 0%, If we say the battery have delivered 30% of its energy, here are 70% energy reserved, we say the DOD of this battery is 30%. And if a battery is 100% empty, the DOD of this battery is 100%. DOD always can be treated as how much energy that the battery delivered.
      Our battery lasts about 300 cycles if discharged to 100% (DOD).
      However, normally after 300 cycle, the battery can still be used. The only
      problem is the battery’s performance will be degraded.
      We do not suggest fully discharge them to 100% DOD, it would shorten the cycle life of batteries.

      You’d better start to recharge the battery before it wears out completely. You’d better not let it sit and charge continually after it reaches full power.

  • tom

    Can you purchase the mouth piece and wax container desperate?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Yes, you can contact your seller and see if they will sell extra mouthpiece or wax container. Unfortunately not all seller sell them. There is some information about this question on the FAQ page of our website:

  • Benja

    Received my Imag Plus Ceramic vape a few days ago… Excellent communication and customer service from the Imag team, item arrived quickly (as promised) and packaged well. I have used the device 3 times now and can firmly say that it is as amazing as it looks! True quality in both design and functionality – works like a charm!! Big thank you from me!

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, Benjia, I’m glad you enjoy our product. Thank you for your trust.

  • john


    Do you have a time on when the IMAG 2 will be ready for shipping and how much?? Thanks!

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, John, IMAG 2 will be ready for shipping in March. The price is not finalized yet.

      • john

        ok cheers!

  • Adub

    Can the screen be removed from the mouthpiece for cleaning? And if so….how? Please show me because I have been unable to do so. And I haven’t found a YouTube video that would demonstrate how either. Please help. Thanks!! :)

    • raymond relaxocig

      I quoted some answers from reviewers on FC forum for your reference. You can turn to these guys for help since they’re good at DIY of vaporizers:

      “i solved it first by poking 5 holes with a needle in the screen, it keeps it free a few bowles more, but then i decided to take out the complete screen and cut a ss-mesh screen to fit it above the oven. i domed the screen a bit and it worked quiet good. ”

      “Don’t know about glass, but five pin holes in a honey comb shape will work to keep it cleaner. You can use it as it comes for a little while at first though, before the holes get clogged. That’s when I made my mod. ”

      “Another downside that some users talk about is the filter that get clogged up after some time. And at this downside my second screen solves it again. Cause the herbs dont touch the mouthpiece screen, it is a lot easier to clean. Im heavy user and my mouthpieces looks like day 1. That says all i think. ”

      “The second screen that i use holds the herbs down so theres only “oil” at the mouthpiece filter after use. Its really important to clean it when its hot. Cause than its much easier cause the oil isnt that sticky. Blow in the mouthpiece as hard as you can to blow out all what build up on the screen. clean it with a bit wet piece of paper and a dry one after. It takes not even a minute and it looks like out of the box after that. But i think there will be a time where that wont be enough. Maybe after a year of use or so it will get clogged. Just use rubbing alcohol than. Or buy a new one, they arent that expensive. And they are back in stock btw^^ You can clean the inside of the chamber while its hot with paper that you stick tight in and turn a bit. Or just wait until the unit is cooled down and use the brush that come with the unit. I do this after each use, if im at home, but i dont think that this is really necessary. Once in 3 days would work too i think. If i say “paper” i mean a cloth out of paper ofc. ”

      A good news for users is that the new version of IMAG PLUS (IMAG PLUS Ceramic) supports new mouthpiece with removable screen. However, this new mouthpiece is not compatible with the old IMAG PLUS.

      • Adub

        Thank you!

  • Елена Спэнглер

    Hi! Why not add a simple circut to cause it to stop charging when the battery is full? Does it have the kind of batteries that can be replaced easily? Nice design! =-)

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, we will consider your suggestions. Thank you.

  • Michael

    How can I purchase the Imag Plus (The non-ceramic version)?
    Thank you, Michael

  • BCIV

    Can I use nicotine ejuice with this vaporizer also?

    • raymond relaxocig

      No, this is for dry herb or tobacco only, not for e-liquid.

  • Sean Nelson

    My imag has stopped heating up on the first two settings and really bummed cuz its my favorite tool for smoking please contact me at Cuttintrees2004@gmail.com

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, Sean, we’ll send email to you.

      • Sean Nelson

        I really suk at the whole email gig is there anyway we could do a messenger or just send me the email again pls…. My nephew Jerry Martinez did a review on it and him and other participants had won the herbstick deluxe witch blows compared to the imag plus I think it is the non ceramic one… Anyway…. Super bummed cuz definitely the sweetest most ergonomically correct Vape I’ve ever used…. Please hit me up…..

        • raymond relaxocig

          Hi, Sean, have you received the new email I sent to you?

  • Gordon Stewart

    Why would you *not* include a concentrates tray with this updated version?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Hi, Gordon,

      IMAG Plus is designed mainly for use with dry herb or tobaccos.

      • Michael

        Will concentrates still work with this vape if we put in the concentrate container?

        • raymond relaxocig

          if you bought our IMAG PLUS (non-ceramic version) vaporizer, there is a concentrate cup. However, we don’t recommend using this concentrate cup with the new version IMAG PLUS ceramic vaporizer.

  • Speaks

    I cracked my mouthpiece and am in need of a new one! Is there a site for replacement parts without having to buy the unit?

  • Speaks

    So I cannot get a mouthpiece from the place I bought the imag plus from, and the custom site is back logged! Are you telling me there is no place or kit available with a mouthpiece for the Vape I just bought 19 days ago???

  • Theloneous Honk

    nice unit. shame about the flawed mouth piece. i want to order another 3 and would like to pay less than $50 for postage. any idea where?

    • raymond relaxocig

      Why not buy from our website directly? Shipping cost included in the price.

      • Theloneous Honk

        oh no it does not. they cost $8.99 each and the checkout asks for another $49 shipping. please explain what you mean.

        • raymond relaxocig

          You are buying from Wizardpuff? Then you should contact them for detailed price. They are selling the old version of IMAG PLUS ( steel heating chamber instead of ceramic heating chamber). The new version of ceramic chamber is only for sale in our website.

  • Gordon Stewart

    Just got my IMAG Plus, and in use there is a vile, electrical ‘robot fart’ taste. Tastes like burning electrical components, and is not nice. How can I get rid of this smell and taste?

    • relaxocig_mkt

      Hi, Gordon, You just need to do as many burn-offs as possible until the smell dissipates.

  • Vita

    Can it be used for powdered herbs?

    • raymond relaxocig

      yes, sure.

  • Imag-Plus-Dead-On-Arrival

    My IMAG Plus arrived dead on arrival and after three days my emails to
    mkt@ and sales@ remain unanswered. A pity – the build quality looks good
    and in the absence of reasonable after sales support it is not worth
    taking the risk of purchasing. I’ll update here is I hear back from them
    but it looks like a Paypal dispute for me. :-(

    • Imag-Plus-Dead-On-Arrival

      I got a reply from Raymond. He says he replied to my emails, but I don’t see them in my inbox or spam folder. Anyway, he says he wants to resolve the issue and has sent me a replacement, so all would appear to be well. I’ll update here again. Thanks Raymond.

      • Imag-Plus-Dead-On-Arrival

        Well, the replacement arrived yesterday (long shipping times to the EU!) and works perfectly. My only problem now is that all my friends love the vape and I need a bigger one! Nice product, quality build, and good, no quibble follow-up from Raymond. Thanks again Raymond.

  • Riko

    My IMAG’s wax cup won’t fit flat in the heating chamber. One side of the lip is always sticking up.

  • `OHHKillEm” AyatolahBoii

    does anyone elses imag automatically turn off after 4 to 5 min of use?

  • wshs

    does imag plus only recharge 300 times then it is garbage?when is imag 3 coming out

  • Zac Danson

    I’ve had my imag for a few months and had no problems. I just tried to use it flashed red. I plugged it in and the imag logo turns green. It’s been on charge for half and hour and still says it’s runout of power?

  • Ed

    After I charge my imag plus it won’t turn on. If I plug back in turn on and then unplug it will work. I can turn on and turn off. When I use up the battery and charge again, the same problem occurs. Any ideas? Ed.

  • Wendy

    I have been e mailing you for over a month now and have had no response. I need a spare mouthpiece and cannot buy from yourself or anyone else. PLEASE GET BACK TO ME, I AM SICK OF BEING IGNORED!!!!

  • Breanna May

    I really used to love my IMAG Plus but it has completely turned to shit! I’ve only had it for a little while and it will no longer hold any charge. I have emailed the company several times but no one has gotten back to me. Can anyone help? Or give advice on a better quality vape that won’t break shortly after buying it?

    • Bronx Bounty

      I have been having the same problem. Sent an email with no response.

  • Mark

    My IMAG Plus is fully charged (green light), but when switching it on it keeps giving the 8 red flashed for low voltage. I can’t use it now :-( What can i do to solve this?

  • Dhruv Kohli

    Hi, I bought imag+ less than a year back. It was working like a charm until recently when it suddenly stopped heating. The LED just blinks and stops. The battery charge still shows green when it fully charged. Any fixes?

  • Flemish Fakir

    I’ve purchased my IMAG plus in quite a shady shop in Ghent (Belgium) three months ago. I’ve been using it at least weekly and it has been working absolutely great I loved it. However today it just stopped charging. Whenever I try to plug it in the red light on the back won’t turn on and when I try to turn it on I just get the “battery dead” flashing. Is there any way this can be fixed? I don’t think the guy in the shop will give me warranty.
    Kind regards.